On most homes the Care-Free leaf guard panels are slid under the first course of shingles and attached to the underside of the gutter lip with stainless steel screws.  Using screws to attach the panels insures the integrity of the connection for lasting service.

The Care-Free Aluminum panels are overlapped  and secured at the ends with stainless steel screws.

The Care-Free Vinyl panels overlap one louver and are attached with a vinyl "J" shaped clip is slid through a louvered opening approximately every 18". The clip is pulled forward to hold the bottom flange of the leaf guard to the upper front lip of the gutter.  A self tapping screw is run through the clip and into the gutter lip to keep the gutter cover panel stationery.  The excess portion of the clip is snapped off.

End caps are custom fabricated from flat metal stock or vinyl to close off the ends of the gutter to keep out small animals and debris.

Install between shingles
Care-Free Aluminum Overlap
Care-Free Vinyl Clip

Care-Free Endcap